Tom Steven


10 weeks
All levels
11 lessons
3 quizzes
2 students

About SEEDS Course

The fundamental motivation for going through a course like this at this stage in the student’s academic life is the basic difference between the requirements for competitive exams like the NTSE, IIT JEE, AIIMS and the pattern of school education. In keeping with the requirements of the X and XII board exams, students are required to memorize subject matter and present it only in a prescribed format. On the other hand, the various competitive entrance exams are not so much a test of memory and presentation, as a test of the student’s understanding of the underlying concepts and his/her ability to apply it to new situations and problems. This means that the JEE(Main+Advance), AIIMS,AIPMT and other engineering and medical entrance exams require special preparation.

The SEEDS program is designed in a manner that will greatly develop your aptitude and interest in Science and Maths. In addition, it will also develop strong analytical and logical reasoning skills, which will prove advantageous for your entire academic and professional life!

Salient features about SEEDS Course

  • Course covers Science, Maths and Analytical and Logical Reasoning
  • Lectures are a mix of concept building, problem solving and insights into practical application
  • Orientation towards competitive entrance exams like JEE(Main+Advance), AIIMS, BITSAT etc.
  • Special module for the NTS (National Talent Search) and the NSO (National Science Olympiad) Exams
  • Builds a strong foundation based on fundamentals 3 Develops an inquisitive, “thinking” and “questioning” based approach in the student as opposed to passive acceptance and memorizing
  • Gives the student an edge over others in competitive exams