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About SEEDS Course The fundamental motivation for going through a course like this at this stage in the student’s academic life is the basic difference between the requirements for competitive exams like the NTSE, IIT JEE, AIIMS and the pattern of school education. In keeping with the requirements of the…
Apex Course at Yukti


XI+XII+JEE(Main+Advanced) / MHTCET Apex Course will cover the board preparation ( XI+XII) as well as preparation for Engineering & Medical entrance tests like JEE ( Mains+Advanced) and MHTCET. Classes will be held at the conveniently located YUKTI Centres in your city The student gets access to the best study material…
Boards Course at Yukti


2-year Classroom Coaching program (XI + XII excluding entrance exam preparations). This course covers the entire theory preparation for board exams. It will prepare students for all unit tests, mid-terms exams and the final board exams. There will be more than 50 part portion and full portion tests alongwith revisions…
Ultima - Yukti


Test Series program for JEE Main & Advanced + BITSAT / MHTCET / AIPMT The test series will start immediately after the board exams and will have tests on all the topics followed by the full portion tests. Detailed solutions will be provided to the students. Lectures will also be…